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Gold Anodizing
Color Anodizing
Blue Anodizing
Type II Anodizing & Multicolor Annodizing

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Our colors include Black, Clear, Grey, Red, Blue, Teal, Orange, Pink, Gold, Purple and Green.  (MIL-A-8625F)

Hard Anodizing Type 3
Hard Anodize Harley Davidson
Hard Anodized Piston
HArd Anodized Lower
Type III Hard Anodizing

Type III (hardcoat) anodizing is an anodizing process that forms an extremely hard, abrasion resistant, porous oxide on aluminum. It is generally referred to as an “engineering hardcoat”. (MIL-A-8625)

Anodized Graphics Skates
Anodized Graphics Camera
Anodized Graphics
Anodized Graphics Mazda

This process allows for logos, part numbers, and any other markings you want on your products while still keeping all the added benefits and finish of anodize.


Chem Film

 Chemical conversion coatings are intended to provide corrosion prevention when left unpainted as well as to improve adhesion of paint finish systems on aluminum and aluminum alloys


Chemical Film
Black Zinc Plating
Gold Zinc Plating
Clear Zinc Plating

This finish covers requirements for electrodeposited zinc coatings applied to iron or steel articles to protect them from corrosion. Available in Gold, Black or Clear.(ASTM-B633)

Clear Zinc Plating
Dry Film Lubricants

These lubricants become bonded to the surface of the part and provide reduced friction and wear by preventing surface contact between mating parts. Common solid film lubricant specifications are (MIL-L-46010) and (AS 5272 CL)

Passivating Stainless Steal

Intended to improve the corrosion resistance of parts made from austentic, ferritic and martensitic corrosion-resistant steels such as Stainless Steel

(QQ-P-35C )

Silk Screen Printing
Silk Screen & Pad Printing

Capable of Standard Screen printing for things such as name plates, logos, part numbers and more.

Pad printing witch is more ideal for small 3D parts such as knobs , buttons, automotive parts etc.

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